My First Homeschool Workshop

I’ve avoided it long enough. 

I’m finally going to a local Homeschool Workshop that is hosted by the founder of our Legal Accountability group.

Why have I avoided it? 

Honestly, I feel inadequate as a home educator. 

I’ve been around some of the women before when my oldest daughters played basketball for the teen group. 

They are seasoned. Already graduated children. Using curriculum that I can’t afford. How can I relate? What do I have to offer? How do I explain that when I say we’re “eclectic” that what I REALLY mean is I’m a slacker?

I have Many, Many, MANY more years to get things whipped into some semblance of a home that educates (academically). 

We have a 5 year old that is just starting out this year, with several other grades (elem., middle, and high school) mingled in there. Our oldest is 16 and a “junior” in high school.

My prayer is that I can connect to another homeschool mom that not only knows what she’s talking about BUT that does not look down her nose at the ones that don’t (Me).

It’ll get better. I know it. I trust that. Its not from my lack of desire. 

So…it’s time to “Woman up” and seek out local help. It may not be as “bad” as I think.

Living With Sword and Coffee,