Moves and Boundaries


This is a very exciting week in our family!
Even though our daughter, Aubrey, has been married a year and has lived 10 hours away from us during that time, I get excited for their next chapter!
They’ll very soon only be 4 hours from us!

We’re thankful that we’ve been able to see them as often as we have; especially since our precious grandson has entered into our lives.

The topic of boundaries has been discussed and we full-heartedly agree (but even if we didn’t, it’s the way that it would have to be anyway).
We want to respect our daughter and her husband’s space and time.
No unexpected of short-notice visits. We’d probably wait to be invited.

My husband and I love the way our family boundaries work.
Both his and my family live almost 9 hours away.
They visit us. We visit them.
I can surely say that the time between visits is sometimes too long, but we do have a busy household!

Since we’ve become Grandparents, we see what our parents see when they look at our children and long to see them more.
It makes us appreciate their roles and hearts.

I found such a great article about In-Law Boundaries.
These are wonderful tips for me as a mom, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law!

Our adult children want us to be a part of their lives!
They love their parents!

They are also learning their way as independent adults.
Living out their marriage takes adjustment that only the two of them can work through.
They’re learning a new town, diving deeper into their roles as husband and wife, starting a new college “career”, making new friends, and establishing their new home.

We, as parents, will definitely be available if help or guidance is needed, but only at their request.
If there’s ever anything that we see that is a legitimate concern (not a difference of preference alone), I believe that we have the floor to address things lovingly.
…and at the same time, if they choose not to accept what we share, we move on! (As a personal rule, I’m trying to learn not to be easily offended.)

We get to know our children as they grow into adulthood, marry, have babies and navigate this life!
Enjoy the journey that God has blessed us with, make the most of every moment.
We choose love, compassion, companionship, to allow each other to grow, to show grace, and understanding.

Family is such a beautiful gift! Thank You, Lord for ours!

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