More Than Just Changing Sheets

 **Post updated! It’s kinda weird going back and reading some of your OLD blog posts! It’s a good gauge though, to see how far you’ve come…and how far you still have to go (ouch!)!**

Pursuing What Is Excellent -- More Than Just Changing SheetsAs the woman of my home, I’m in a pursuit mode.
Learning new things everyday about loving my husband and taking care of my dwelling place.

I’ve always known that my daughters are watching me. This should have prompted me years ago to do my daily best.
I don’t want to let them down.
I look around me and see so many areas that are begging for attention. I can’t even make excuses anymore.There were no less than 4 instances last week that the word “atmosphere” showed up in my cluttered world.
A blog post from my friend at Raising Homemakers (Your Home Dynamic), an encouraging word that was meant JUST FOR ME, but the time that I felt the most sting was from my husband. “This is not an atmosphere of motivation.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about. THE place that was supposed to be a safe haven, refuge, strength-builder, for love and sweetness was a wreck! It reeked of chaos and madness. Junk!

It’s about more than just changing sheets.
It’s about valuing my husband.

While pouring over God’s Word for help in this area, one thing that I gleaned was that I’m to be my husband’s helper. I already “knew” this, but now I have a better understanding. I’m to help my husband with his attitude by having a welcoming atmosphere for him to come home to. Please note; I’m not responsible for his attitude.

Practically, what does this look like?

  • I had to step out into my garage and come back in again. As I stood in the doorway, what do I see? My kitchen table and family room. Ooh. Clutter.
    • What will I do about it?
      • Clear the table before my husband gets home. Oh, and wipe off the sticky stuff.
      • Those clothes on the sofa waiting to be folded? Don’t just put those on the bed in my room…fold them up and have the kids put them away promptly.
  • Next comes our bedroom.
    • What will I do about it?
      • 1 simple word that’s so often heard, but needs to be more present in my vocabulary…DECLUTTER!

More order; intentional order, in my day is beyond needed. It’s to the point that it will be required.
Proverbs fourteen one
My daughters will be building their own homes with their husbands. They’ll be the determiner of the atmosphere in their home.

This may be one of the only times that I’m willing to admit this. I could wallow in pride, but I wont. Here goes…my oldest daughter can run circles around me in de-cluttering and cleaning. I then realize that she’s had more than just me as a teacher. I’m not the only one that she’s watched. She’s also sat under the guidance of a meticulous grandmother.

With that said, I’m thankful for another godly woman in the family that was willing to mentor my daughter.
There is so much that I know that I’ve imparted about marriage into my daughter and she’s truly on the right track.

As my mother-in-law has poured some things into my daughter, I pray to be able to have that same kind of influence one day with my granddaughter(s).

Preparation. Pursuit. Intentional. Order. Atmosphere. Got it!

Sister, if any of the above sounds like you too, please allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and set out to obey the message. I’m in this with you. Let’s do this!!

Living to Worship Him,