Coming into the Month of May


Pursuing What Is Excellent -- Coming Into the Month of May


So much to talk about, do, and say!
The showers of April have been in full swing around here and its washing away not only the pollen, but some of the cloudiness of non-productivity for me.

From time to time I like to share with you what’s going on in my world. And since I don’t write newsletters, this serves as one!

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*Everyday Obedience by Katie Orr

(review to come!)



*A Wife’s Secret to Happiness by Jen Weaver
(read my blog post: Ephesians 5 Guy)


*Word Writers: James by Denise Hughes

 (read my review HERE)



*Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker

(read my blog post: When You Feel Wronged by a Friend)


I’ve taken a break from applying for and joining launch teams at least until the Fall. I need to take the time to really get into some of the books that I already own. And wouldn’t you know it that when that decision was made, several fantastic opportunities came up! But I held to my promise to myself. Lord, help! This wasn’t easy for this book-lover!


What I’m Studying:

Bible study is my absolute favorite thing to do. I want to live holy and wisely, following Christ in every area of my life! I like it best when I’m in community with people that I know, trust, and love!


quietly-through-2 1st john graphicQuietly Through 1st John with Kelli LaFram
Kelli has fast become one of my favorite teachers. Her knowledge and love for God’s Word shows in what she offers to women in Hello Mornings & Do Not Depart. But what I’m loving more is the time that she takes to personally study along with us from her own blog Quietly Reminded and the closed Facebook group.


wifestylin book clubI’ve already mentioned the fantastically wonderful book, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness by Jen Weaver. I’ve recommended it countless times and It’ll remain one of the first marriage titles to roll off my tongue when anyone asks!

Well, I have something EXCITING to share with you! Jen, HERSELF, will be hosting and leading a book club featuring this book!

It happens in a closed Facebook group starting MAY 1!


Recently on Instagram:

God isn't cryptic

There was a conversation that my husband recently had with someone about how he was met with time obstacles. From one stop to the next, there were delays. The other person mentioned that maybe God was trying to tell him to slow down. My husband’s reply on this was:
“No. We have an enemy that wants to sabotage us. I’m a man of my word, and I’m punctual. Those were obstacles of me being on time.
If God wants me to slow down, He’ll plainly say, “Son, slow down.” I don’t always need “signs” to hear or know what my Father is saying to me.”
….to which, I added the above quote.


Other things that I have going on:

Marriage Q & ABrian and I were invited to participate in a Marriage Q & A with the Pastor of a local church. I asked for at least a couple of questions in advance so that I’ll have an idea of which way the conversation will go.
Okay y’all. Here’s the deal with answering questions about marriage with my beloved…I don’t always know what will be coming from him! That’s one thing that I love about him; his candidness. I usually make this disclaimer: “I’m not responsible for what comes out of his mouth.”


WTT TUESDAY-230_Change_2-8-17_WeeklyShow_2017I was contacted by Branon Dempsey to do an online interview for Worship Team Training (WTT) in June! I’ll keep you updated!
I’m looking forward to telling the story!



life full of conversations Kris Dillard

I just started consistently linking blog posts to “linkup parties”. I was recently pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to be featured on Arabah Joy’s blog and Grace & Truth linkup with my post “Conversations With Our Father”.

Even if you don’t write on a blog or linkup, I encourage you to visit Arabah Joy every Friday to read posts of others from all walks of life!




What do you have going on for the month of May? Are you on any book launch or review teams? Are you trying something new? What are you giving up for a while?


Living to Worship Him,