My passion and “ministry” is leading women to having an enriched marriage. My husband and I share this passion together for married couples. We aren’t “licensed” mentors or counselors, but we do have a story to share and we do our best to point couples to great resources (like the ones listed below).

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I’m very mindful and protective of my heart when it comes to reading books and blog posts that others write about marriage.

Although you will find many resources helpful, no one will ever have the exact experiences in their marriage that you have in yours.

Have your Bible, your FINAL authority, in hand when reading man’s words and weigh everything against it and seek the Holy Spirit’s leading, not an individual’s spirit.

Am I sounding a little too “spiritual” to ya? I don’t apologize. This is your marriage we’re talking about here…the second most important relationship that you have on this earth; the relationship that’s to look like Christ and His bride!
Let Scripture be your guide!

There are a few “This is our story” blog posts that I’ve written:

With ALL of that being said, here are a few books that my husband and I recommend to husbands and wives.
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