Lots of Moms, Laughter, and Heart

I’ve been sharing a lot about the Titus 2:1 Conference. I went!

My husband asked me a day before the conference what I’m looking to gain. I gave a generic answer as if I really knew. I knew that I wanted to meet friends that I’ve made online and learn more about different homeschool companies, but what I got was SO MUCH MORE!

My experience would have me writing for days! Not only was all the swag great, I was uplifted, enlightened, and challenged.

I attended a break-out session by Rachael Carman (of Apologia), Homeschooling Through High School: You Can Do It, that spoke so deeply to me.

Mind you, we’re graduating our oldest daughter and have another daughter hot on her heels next years. We’ll also be ushering in a high school freshman. I promised myself that since we’ll be starting afresh that I’d “get this one right”.

When I listened to Rachael speak, God showed up and asked me, in my spirit, “What makes you think that you didn’t get the other ones right?” I knew immediately that it wasn’t about the academics. Look at the fruit of their lives; the fruit that extends and surpasses any book knowledge. Education is a life-long process.
They’ll get more and more of what they want when they want.

As I scan back over my notes, I’m reminded:

  • Don’t desire ease, do hard things.
  • Don’t give up!

I CAN do this!!

An absolute highlight of my time in DC was meeting Homeschool Village sisters. I had the privilege of rooming with two of my sisters. It touched my heart so deeply that they pulled me in, grabbed my hands and prayed with me. Jessica telling me on Sunday morning, “Kela! Today we get to worship Jesus!”. Worship…we did!
I can still feel them.

The HSV girls at 2to1 Conf2to1 Conference 2012 001

This homeschool blogger conference is one that I want to make an annual event!
Even though I usually don’t write homeschool posts on this site, I’m still a home educating momma and I know my charge! I’m choosing joy and intentionality in our home. Doing hard things.
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Thanking God, and giving shout outs and thanks to friends that made my trip possible…
Marci, The Homeschool Scientist for hosting a Conference ticket giveaway…and whom I got to sit with the good part of the conference.
Visual Latin for making it possible for me to go through sponsorship!!
Amanda Pelser, for getting this girl to the Conference!
Lovin’ My Crazy Life, for getting me home. We shared. I made you weepy. My bad.

Living With Sword and Coffee,