l’m Trying to Hold On, But You Won’t Let Go

trying to hold on

I was standing at the kitchen sink tending to a messy dish.
My husband walked up behind me and attempted to turn me toward him so that he could love on me.
I didn’t want to get the mess on him or myself, so

I immediately said, “Hold on.”
His reply was, “I’m trying to, but you won’t let go.”

My husband didn’t mind the mess. It can be cleaned off.
He wanted my attention and affection.

Think with me for a moment;
that may be how
our Father feels when He wants to loves on us and we say “hold on”!

He’s daily desiring us to turn our attention toward Him; to dole His affection on us.
He daily desires to receive our attention.
But oh how many times I’ve said, “HOLD ON” to God while pursuing the messy or less important thing; the thing that’s taken priority over Him. Sometimes its “honorable” things (but anything that’s placed above our affection and attention toward God really isn’t honorable).

God is wanting to hold on…but we won’t let go!

pursuing what is excellent -- first John three one

See what great love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called children of God!
1 John 3:1

What is it that you need to stop holding on to today that’s hindering you from letting go long enough for God to love on you?

Living to Worship Him,