Lies We Believe…Sermon thoughts

Today has been an interesting day!
We had neighbors join us at church. Our 7 y/o invited them and their two young girls to last night and they said, “Okay!”.
When we settled in to worship and to hear God’s Word being preached, I was so excited because our friends were with us. UNTIL… we heard the title of the sermon: “Lies We Believe About Sex”. Yes, that’s right.

As soon as it he started preaching, several families left. Understandable for them. I don’t fault them at all.

Then, being that this was our neighbor’s first time visiting our church, I was on the edge of my seat! I finally leaned over and asked the mom if she was uncomfortable with the sermon. She said, “yes”, and I told her that I understood and that if they needed to go, then that was perfectly fine. So, they did.

Our family stayed.

We feel that that subject isn’t taught or preached on enough in church..where it should be heard (along with parents’ teaching their children).
Could the pastor have given a warning first so that those that wanted to leave could? Maybe or even certainly.

The message did take a lighter turn; if that’s possible when talking about sex. He focused more on being faithful, truthful and mindful of our actions before we get into something stupid.

There has been a lot of devastation in our church lately by way of divorce; mainly because of adultery. The issue has to be addressed.
If the church is afraid to speak up and speak out about satan’s evil plan for all families, then we haven’t done our job to protect what God has ordained and established a family to be.

Satan is very bold in his agenda, we must be much more aggressive in our fight for family!