Learn About Walking Worthy of the Calling


Ephesians is one of my favorite FAVORITE books in the Bible.
When I became a new believer in my early 20s I went on a hunt to discover who I am in Christ and how I’m to live this brand new Christian life.


I’d known who God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit were from years of growing up in church, but this relationship with them was a new adventure.




I’ve learned lessons in Ephesians about the blessings of redemption, that I’m made alive in Christ, practically how to walk as a Christian, be an imitator of God, what my marriage should look like, how my family relationships are supposed to work, and how to fight spiritual battles.

It’s an immense pleasure to link arms with Sarah Koontz’s launch team for the new Worthy of the Calling Ephesians Bible Study! God’s Word can never be exhausted, AMEN!?!


I have a plan to come back here to Pursuing What Is Excellent every week to share what I’ve learned with you.


I want to personally invite you to join me on this 31-day journey through the book of Ephesians. Together we will learn about our identity in Christ and the spiritual wealth we have access to as daughters of God. We will discover God has provided all we need to walk worthy of the calling we have received.

This study was crafted with busy women in mind and can easily be completed on your mobile device or computer.


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Here are 7 quick facts about the Worthy of the Calling Study:

▪It’s a FREE email based online Bible study.
▪It takes just 10-15 minutes per day to complete.
▪It follows a five days on, two days off format.
▪It covers the whole book of Ephesians.
▪It includes 4 free digital gifts from Sarah’s Creative Partners.
▪It launches on October 16, 2017
▪Pre-register today at

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Throughout the month of October, we will be celebrating the release of this powerful new study with weekly giveaways at SarahKoontz.com and other collaborating blogs.


Are you willing to join me through the study of Ephesians? Go ahead and pre-register!

It’s absolutely FREE!

I look forward to connecting with you each week!


Living to Worship Him,