Ladies On A Mission: I’m There Today

Some, I’d venture to say that many of you know my precious friend, Lisa Shaw of Sharing Life with Lisa.

I’m not sure where I first met Lisa, but it doesn’t really matter.

I know now that Lisa is a wonderful and gracious woman of God to know…she prays y’all! She prays hard and fervently.

There is a point coming, but first I want to recognize my friend.

Her love for Christ and His people is beautiful to behold. She’s one of my wisest friends and I pray that it can one day be orchestrated that we meet each other face to face! She’s invited me on several occasions to pack my bags and come for a visit and time in the Word. Oh, how much I’d love that!! I’m longing for that!

Lisa was generous enough to open a portion of her online home to me by asking me to write an article for Ladies On A Mission (LOAM).

“Ladies On A Mission (LOAM) is simply ladies who have made up their minds to live a life that will honor GOD, a life that reflects their heart for JESUS and their willingness to yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in their (our) lives although difficult at times. LOAM is NOT about what we do in service to the LORD but rather it’s about the ‘being” with the LORD.  Great pruning and restoration happens to our lives when we just take the time to set aside as much as can be set aside and be deliberate about being with HIM.

LOAM are ladies who are imperfect and flawed (and we all are), who realize that apart from the LORD we can do nothing (John 15). We are ladies who acknowledge our need for GOD and our desire to be all that HE has purposed us to be so that HE is glorified in and through us.”

Lisa asked me to write about marriage. I was more than happy to oblige!

So, I give you…

My Husband, My Friend.

Living With Sword and Coffee,