I’ve Been Stupid

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1
I stood corrected by my husband a few days ago and I did not like it one bit!
The thing that happened made my flesh stand up front and center.
I pouted like a baby. Only my husband knows that face and he knows to look for it in a certain, specific instance.

I thought it appropriate to vent to him. After all, he IS my best friend and husband!
I wasn’t looking for an answer or even comfort. I just wanted to be heard.

What I wanted heard should have been dealt with between my heart and God, but no…I wanted human ears to hear me.

I got a return of words that I didn’t take too kindly to, “You always do that; as if things are in your control”. 

Knowing that he was right didn’t make it any sweeter.
I hated his correction! His correction was right.
My husband immediately loved on me. As much as I wanted to reject it, I wanted to embrace it.

There will most likely be more chances for correction.
I’m not always stupid. I love instruction and knowledge from God’s word.
Sometimes though, my attitude sucks!
Those are usually the times that my husband is gracious and willing enough to guide me back.

Yep, I’ve been stupid.
Thankfully it only lasts for a few moments. No getting stuck on stupid.

Correction is tough sometimes, isn’t it ladies?
In those moments, let’s practice not saying a word and asking God to help us examine our hearts to see if there are any ways in us that isn’t pleasing to Him.
Our husbands are oft times His mouthpiece.
Talk back to God. He wont be offended if you show Him your wounds.

Living With Sword and Coffee,