It’s ONLY Milk

My youngest son dropped a gallon of milk in the driveway while helping to unload the truck.

It was the $7/gallon kind.
When he came inside to tell me what happened, he had a look on his face that twisted my heart; a look of:

Am I in trouble for this? I really hope not, because I didn’t mean to drop the milk.
It slipped out of my hand as I was trying to close the heavy trunk.”

He started to cry a little.

No son. You are not in trouble for dropping the milk.
I love you more than milk.
I have no doubt that it was an accident.
I could have easily been the one to drop it too!

Even as adults, we still do things that kids do.
It’s a clumsy nature!
I would try my hardest to never degrade my children for something that I could have easily, mistakenly done.

Show grace when grace is needed.

That $7.00 gallon of milk.
That jar of honey roasted peanut butter that’s been dug into with a jelly-smeared spoon.
That soda that was spilled in the backseat of the car (possibly because you, mom, hit a bump in the road?).
That ____… (whatever you need to fill in that blank).

It’s ONLY “milk”. Just STUFF.
Our children are worth so much more!

I’m thankful for the little lesson of the broken milk jug.
It gives me a chance to love my children well.


Living to Worship Him,