It Shows On Your Face


pursuing what is excellent it shows on your face fbBeing a part of my church’s worship team gives me a different vantage point of worship and leading worship.

One of our worship leaders asked us to inform our faces of the object of our worship and affection.
Not for notice or a show, but out of adoration of our God.

When I think of my relationship with my husband, I think of how I smile when I think of him throughout the day.
When I tell him that I love him, its never with gritted teeth or a blank look.
I tell you why.
Its because my heart is happy!
When my heart is happy, I can’t help but to smile!

That’s how God wants us to be in our adoration and overflowing love for Him.
Yes, He knows our hearts. Yes, He accepts the gifts from our hearts, but I think there’s more to it when we pass it on.
 [bctt tweet=”Smiles and expressions are contagious. Do others want what you have?”]
The message behind the smile is something that people want to know more about!
How will someone know that you have something to offer if they don’t see it bubbling up from the inside OUT?

Explore that next time you think about the goodness of God when you worship Him.

Living to worship Him,