Is He Slow…

Or am I just impatient?
I have a review due today, but thought I’d take a time out to talk about something that’s been on my
Brian and I are the parents of a 9 year old son that has dimples that melt my heart . Unfortunately, that hasn’t been enough for me to overlook his slowness.
He is very bright and understands everything that I instruct him in. Problem is, he’s slow as molasses! He doesn’t get into a rush or even an easy pace to do anything.

It takes him several minutes to write simple sentences. Not because he doesn’t know what to write (because it’s usually copywork), he just daydreams.

When I find myself getting flustered with him, I just have to occupy myself with something else and give him his space to do the task.
I’ve noticed constant distractions with him. If I send him to put on his shoes, take out the trash, get ready to leave the house, to go tell one of his siblings something…he ALWAYS (no exaggeration) gets distracted/sidetracked.

He’d waste far less time if he can hone in on what he’s doing.
How can I get him to focus?