Introducing Wives of the Bible by Jolene Engle

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Being a wife is an honor for me!
Being a wife has helped me to grow closer to Christ in these almost 20 short years of marriage.
Being a wife introduces me to another human that I have ultimate intimacy with.

I want to be a wife that leans on Biblical truth ALWAYS

What better way than to examine the lives of wives in the Bible. I strive to live by “God’s Word. Final authority” in my life.
The wives are woven into the truths of God’s Word.

This is why I’m so fascinated with and happy to endorse my friend, Jolene Engle’s new book:

Wives of the Bible: 25 Easy Lessons You Can Learn
from These Imperfect Women that Will Radically Transform Your Marriage

From the intro and “how to use this book” section, Jolene explains very clearly what to expect when reading this book. Expect a challenge from the enemy. My favorite quote from that section:
“When a marriage reflects Jesus Christ, this makes the Enemy angry. So be prepared for the spiritual battle that’s about to ensue as you take this journey.”

In Wives of the Bible, Jolene highlights 25 women that I can relate to on some level; from the wives that didn’t make the best choices, to the wives who had it hard in the marriage, to the wives that were wise in their marriages.

Wives of the Bible is a book that I highly recommend to women in every stage!
If I was to do a local, short married women’s study, I’d definitely choose this!

Read more details about Jolene’s new book from her blog post, What the Word of God Can Teach Us About Marriage.

I give Wives of the Bible 5 out of 5 coffee cups!5 coffee cup review

Living With Sword and Coffee,

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