I’m In My Place


I’ve been over here for the past year or so asking God, “Where’s my place? What’s my calling?”

As He opened more and more doors for me to serve, I didn’t see that as “fulfilling my call”.
I didn’t see where He has me for what it truly is!

Things that I thought I was doing someone a “favor” in or doing it only because it sounded fun, was as far as it went.

My family serves in a church that is phenomenal at placing people where they’re most effective because of the care they take to get to know the hearts and giftings of people that want to serve.

God has placed something VERY valuable in my hands; servanthood.
I am first His servant, and He chose one of the best places to put my in my place.


For some reason, discontentment kept creeping in.
I’d read books about “finding your calling”
and listen to messages on “knowing your place”.

After all of my seeking God brought me full circle when He showed me:
”You’re in your place.”

EXACTLY what I’m doing RIGHT NOW is my calling; is my place!
No need to reach beyond His purpose in the now.
A call is not the same as already being developed.
Where I am now is part of the development process.

We may not even know what the fullness of the picture will look like,
but we will know that we’re pleasing to God when we’re faithful in every step.


I believe that we can, indeed, get to the place of knowing, but one doesn’t get there by accident.
When we give ourselves to our calling (where we are right now), we’re separating ourselves for training.
We can’t do everything we want to do and STILL develop in our gifting and call.

Where you are. right. now. is your place.
Don’t grumble in it. Don’t wish it away. Don’t despise it (Zechariah 4:10).
Embrace to process of developing it. We need the training.
It could lead to the biggest opportunity you’ve never had the guts to dream of!

Living to Worship Him,