I’m Hosting a Hello Mornings Bible Study

Pursuing What Is Excellent -- I'm Hosting A Hello Mornings Bible Study

By a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with the Hello Mornings Bible Studies?

Good! That’s what I thought!

I’ve participated in at least 4 sessions with a most wonderful Twitter group!
Our leader put it out there that Hello Mornings were accepting forms to start Facebook groups.

That was my lead in. I sheepishly raised my hand and then boldly stuck it up in the air!

Starting August 24 we will be starting a new Hello Mornings session, Relentless by Darcy Wiley !




Do you ever feel like you’re in a downward spiral, or that our culture is?
Do you ever feel like everyone around you is doing what is right in their
own eyes and that life has become crazy as a result?

Then you’ll want to lean in and listen to this epic story.
In the book of Judges, Israel ignores God’s instructions and cozies up to the enemy
and their false gods, bringing all kinds of trouble on themselves.
But God sends a whole array of heroes, like Deborah, Gideon, and Samson to come to the rescue.

Designed for 30 minutes a day with five days of study each week (plus optional bonus material),
the readings and prompts will help you learn how to resist temptation, avoid the pitfalls of cultural trends,
gain confidence for the tasks God has assigned you, deal with narcissistic people
and cultivate unity in your family and church, recover from life’s disappointments,
deal with anger issues, bring stress and trauma under the healing relief of the Holy Spirit,
develop a proper reverence for God, and stand up for those who are victimized.

We’ll take a long hard look at sin and its dangerous consequences.
And we will glory in our warrior God who comes to our rescue,
even when we don’t deserve it. We may be relentless in our disobedience,
but God’s love is unstoppable.

I would be honored if you decided to join me in the Facebook group!

In order to do so, first visit the Hello Morning Welcome Page and follow the prompts to sign up for the study and group.

I am listed as A.M. DIG !

Hello Mornings A.M.Dig fb page

If my time zone doesn’t work for you, I encourage you to join a group that best fits your needs!

With Sword and Coffee,