I Support Myself

In this busy world folks are looking for simple, efficient ways to make purchases. 

Our family is right there too! We decided to do something about it AND make a profit while doing it. We are our best customers. Not because we get paid back, but because we offer the top products in the world, literally!

I am an Amway Independent Business Owner and I have my own online retail store.

Do these companies and individuals sound familiar to you?:

Miss America
Perfect Water
Kurt Warner
XS Energy
Personal Accents
L.O.C. (Legacy of Clean)
Bass Pro Shop
Best Buy
Office Depot
Wireless Marketplace
Dicks Sporting Goods
Barnes and Noble
1 800 Contacts
Kodak Gallery
Ace Hardware
JoAnn Fabric and Crafts

There is another reason that I come bearing this great gift…I’m funding my way to the 2:1 Conference in April that I’ve already posted about.

Doing this is so out of my comfort zone, but I’m beginning to OWN my business because the products are phenomenal, customer service is top notch and you’ll be helping me get to where I truly desire to be. Did I mention that to register as a customer is FREE?

I will often hold exclusive discounted specials for my customers on my site. There are also promotions that Amway will offer customers.

Check it out! Follow this link to www.amway.com/nellums.

Living With Sword and Coffee,