I Should Be Writing

I Should Be Writing KelaNellums.com

I recently shared with a few sisters about not having the desire in recent months to write.

Yes, I’ve had the wonderful experience of visiting my daughter, her husband, in-laws, and our precious grandson, Grayson.
Yes, I’ve been packing a couple of boxes, anticipating a move; not to mention spending countless hours scoping out houses online.
Yes, I’ve been educating the kids.
Yes, we’ve had basketball practices daily and games in between.

Yet, that is not an excuse for me to stop writing.

I should be writing.

When I first started blogging many years ago, I had the same reasons that other new bloggers had; to chronicle the lives of their children.

It turned into so much more. I was able to express my heart and mind in a way that I’d never had voice to.
I started writing a message to wives, mothers, home educators, Christ followers, women.

It turned into a God thing and I knew that it was a calling.
That’s when, during my conversation with friends, I asked, “If God put this desire in me, who gave me permission to stop?”
This is one of those things that I don’t want to live by my feelings with!
If I squander and squelch this gift because of what I FEEL like doing, where’s the perseverance in that?

I should be writing!
I WANT to write, and write often.

I’m not into all the rules of blogging.
I’m into great content and a quality graphic to go along with what I write (I don’t hate all aspects of blogging “rules”)

This is where I ask for help.
I feel that I’d greatly benefit from a writing mentor.
You know, someone that’ll ask me if I’ve written anything (even if I don’t hit publish).
Someone that will ask me thought provoking questions that make me ponder…and write.

Do they exist? Who’s willing
That sure does sound like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? But I’m sure that someone is looking for the challenge Winking smile

I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Living With Sword and Coffee,


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