I get to do it myself…teach one of my children to read

It just dawned on me last week that for the first time ever I get to teach one of my own children to read. Our homeschool history begins when all of our children are up and reading well.


It will be our Caleb’s turn in the fall. He will be the first of our babies to start home education from scratch.

He knows and recognizes his alphabet, but reading is such a big step.

I’m still figuring out his learning style and I know that God will lead me to the right tools that’s needed to instruct our son.

Thank You Lord that You’ve blessed me with such a precious little boy. His education started from the day he was born and he’s been building on it ever since. Thank You that You direct his days and that You have a wonderful plan for his life. Help me to be diligent in educating him Your way. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.