I Am a Writer

God has given me so much to share. Either from experiences or what He personally imparts to me. I know that He has anointed my hands to write and my mind to be creative. After singing, writing is what I do. I just don’t do enough of it. I’ve continually considered submitting articles to devotional websites/blogs but haven’t gotten off of my duff to do it.

“Where is your obedience child?. You know how much I have entrusted you with. Why don’t you share it?”, my Father asks me.

I’m guessing that I’m waiting on Him to just drop everything into my lap and just jump onto my screen. Doesn’t work that way.
I’ve gotta get to work; get about my Father’s business.

I know that He has already opened doors for me. He’s done His part. Now it’s time for me to enter.