How To Handle Division in Friendship

Pursuing What Is Excellent -- How To Handle Division In Friendship


God made us to desire and crave companionships that are nurturing relationships.

We’re designed for friendship.

There isn’t a shortage of “women and friendship” resources.
There are books, blogs, websites, and ministries dedicated to this very thing!

Not too long ago I felt the physical ache of not having a close friend in my life.
It was a feeling like no other.

I enjoy thriving friendships now!
Kindred spirits. Women that truly get me.
They’re on the same path that I’m on.
I can talk about the things that I really want to and I’m not looked at crossways!
THAT is something that I treasure.

I have a friend that gets the heartbeat of friendship, the jovial times and the quiet fight between women.

The Quiet Fight is something that I’ve become familiar with, but God wants to redeem that time
and to lean in more to what friendship with women looks like.

Ladies, allow me to introduce Redeeming the Division : The Quiet Fight Among Women eCourse.


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“Redeeming the Division, the ecourse, seeks to begin the process of restoring a sisterhood that is currently scared with judgmentalism, competition, and division, by bringing into light the “pink elephant” topics
which create division, and exhorting both spiritual growth as well as maturity past this high school drama that distracts us from our greatest call,The Great Commision.”
-Angie Tolpin


Angie Tolpin has found a special place in my heart! I was overwhelmed with a feeling of “YES!!” when she shared her first video on the subject of women and friendship;
Redeeming the Division: Cultivating Unity Among Women.

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I was so enthralled by how truly real Angie was that I actually consumed each word of the post and the video.
She digs into God’s desire for women in friendship.

In fact, Angie inspired me so much that I wrote, Sparks Are Gonna Fly, as a side note on my blog.

From there Angie has been led to produce an online study, complete with at-your-pace, short videos, and editable/printable workbook, a Facebook group and great interaction!

I’m emphatically sharing this study with you because of the topic: women’s friendships!

As I work through this online study, I may be prompted to write a little more about friendship here.
I’d ultimately like to do the study together with beautiful friends.

Angie has generously offered a free lesson for your pleasure and to pique your interest in the course.
I’ve already started watching the course.
Even beyond the workbook that is provided, I’ve been taking notes like a mad woman!

Grab your Bible, journal and a pen. See what God can do in your friendships!

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When you start and/or finish the course, come back and tell me what you think!

In celebration of the launch of this course Angie is hosting a giveaway of one course AND AN Apple iWatch!

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