How Coffee Strengthens My Marriage

Yes. I know that the title has the word coffee in it.
Yes. I know that I have some of the most beautiful non-coffee drinking friends.
Yes. I know that you may have already turned the page because of the word coffee….but bear with your girl!
Now…I continue.

My husband and I are coffee consumers.
I take it more serious and its a huge priority!

coffee helps strengthen my marriage

Coffee helps strengthen my marriage.
It sets the tone for relaxation.

Those relaxing times can be in the morning, midday, or evening.

It’s all about being intentional to slow down and to be on one accord with your beloved.

Sometimes its about being serious and other times keeping it light and fun.

We talk about

  • the Bible (we go way.down.deep.)
  • funny things that happened while he was working, or while I was home with the kids and dogs
  • the children
  • the grand baby
  • our businesses (yep. plural)
  • the budget
  • our friends
  • family
  • people that influence us
  • our Church. God knows how much we love our church!

Pursuing What Is Excellent Its all about being intentional


So tell me. What is that thing that helps you and your love relax and connect?


With Sword and Coffee,