Honored By My Sister

My mom used to say (and still does sometimes), “Please give me my ‘flowers’ while I still live.” She’d rather hear words of encouragement and affirmation while still on the earth than to wait until she’s being buried for anyone to speak a kind word over her..she can’t hear it then.
My youngest sister, Crystal, has done just that for me. I am 10 years older than her and she calls me her second mom. I truly cherish my friendship and relationship with her. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow in God beauty and to watch her mature in her faith. She encourages me and is always there for me when I need her. She’ll go as far as to travel 6 hours, one-way, by herself to come an babysit my children for a weekend. That’s LOVE!
I would like to share what she wrote (I’m sure she won’t mind).

My Dearest Sister,
I just want to say Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given all of my life. I’m glad you’re my sister; if I couldn’t have you as a sister, I would definitely want you as a friend. I’m truly blessed to have a sister that is full of wisdom and understanding. When I become a mother, I want to have the love you have for your kids. I watch you operate in the Fruit of the Spirit and I must admit sometimes it’s harder to do but you make it seem so easy. Thank you for being a sister, friend, mother, mentor, prayer partner, encourager, discipliner to me. I will always cherish the relationship we have in the natural as well as the spiritual. You Rock big sister. God Bless.

Love you always, Crystal Renee

*Shelda, Myself and Crystal

Isn’t she the best?! Thank you Crystal for blessing me through your words and heart.
She also sent me a poem titled “Three Sisters”. We have another sister, Shelda that is between Crystal and I in age. She is a rock for us and the one that keeps us laughing through everything. When we all get together, it’s an awesome time. My husband tells me that he can always tell when I’m talking to one of my sisters on the phone because my face brightens and he hears me laughing…non-stop. Yep, that’s my sisters!!
We also have a baby brother, Eric, but since this is a “sister” post, I’ll dedicate one to him later.
*with our brother, Eric
Do you have a sister (or brother) that could

benefit from ‘flowers’ that you send them?

When was the last time that an encouraging

word was passed on to them?