Homeschool Creation: Weekly Homeschool Planner ~ Review!


Weekly Homeschool Planner ~
Manage and Organize Your
Homeschool Day
Tired of looking for a brand-new homeschool
planner each year? What if you could buy
ONE planner, type in your plans, save them
and use the same planner year after year?

I have seen Jolanthe’s name around the online homeschool community for a number of years. I’ve followed Homeschool Creations all this time and have gleaned valuable information, insight and inspiration.

When I got a personal invite to review her Weekly Homeschool Planner, I was overjoyed!
Jolanthe offers so much and the Homeschool planner doesn’t disappoint!

The Weekly Homeschool Planner; 138 pages, which are fully editable PDF version contents:

-Homeschooling Requirements and Testing Results
-Attendance Sheets
-12 blank Month-at-a-Glance pages
-40 weeks of Weekly Plan and Journal Notes
-Curriculum Planning
-Yearly Plans and Evaluation
-Field Trip/Event Plan
-Editable Chore charts
-Editable Main Dish Menu Planner
-Editable Daily “To Do” Lists
-Preschool Planning Pages
-Resources & Links
-Additional Notes

I search every year the “the next best” planner for keeping track with my children’s assignments and progress. I know that I will get the most use out of the Weekly Plan and Journal Notes and Curriculum Planning pages. I finally found the one that I like with using the Weekly Homeschool Planner!

If you’re looking for a planner this school year, I highly recommend Weekly Homeschool Planner.
Jolanthe has made it easier for you to decide that you like the planner by offering a sample HERE!

For a one time charge of $20, you can get years of use out of this planner.

Go ahead! Purchase one! You know you’ve been wanting to!

Living With Sword and Coffee,


Disclaimer: I received a free pdf copy of Weekly Homeschool Planner for review. The views/opinions here are mine and I was not asked to write a specific type of review. If I like it; I say so. If I don’t like it; I say so.