Heritage History Revisited

Heritage History Classical Curriculum CDs
Because I Like It So Much

You know that its coming, right?!

That MID-YEAR curriculum evaluation.

What’s working and what isn’t working.

Moving from one time period in history to another and figure that now is a great time to try something new.

Perhaps you’ve been reading about another education style that you want to “give-it-a-go” without making too huge a commitment/investment on.

Let me re-introduce you to Heritage History!

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I started the year off with Heritage History.
Guess what! I’m not changing a thing!

My children actually ask me to read the books for the Early America Classical Library!

Heritage History is offering some great specials at this time; 3 to be exact!
1) A FREE Classical History eBook for the month of December: Thirty Famous Stories Retold
2) FREE SHIPPING from now through Christmas on all Classical Curriculum and Classical Library CDs
3) FREE Early America Library (books only) with purchase of any curriculum CD (In addition to books, study aids are provided in printable format) from November 1 – January 31
Offers 2 and 3 CAN be used together.
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Oh! I almost forgot to mention! 
If you choose to use your eBooks on your eReader, I learned exactly how to send books to my Kindle from Jodi, Granola Mom 4 God!

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