Happy is the Man

My man has a new spark, a new excitement, a renewed passion for his marriage.
Prayer works girls! Miracles and breakthrough do happen.
Was my marriage needing a miracle? No, but it could always use a strengthening. 

Did we need a breakthrough? On certain things, perhaps. We are the victors!

Was my marriage in trouble? Absolutely not.

My husband and I are to the bone CRAZY about each other and more in love than even yesterday. When focus comes into play that the bond is stronger.

We linger longer. We kiss more passionately. He holds my hand tighter. He puts his arms around me even more. I serve him better. I satisfy him without restraint. He satisfies me without restraint.


That’s an understatement…It’s ALL WONDERFUL!!

Enjoy your week with each other. 

Love intentionally.
Love without restraint.
Love with understanding.
Love passionately.

At Marriage Mondays, you’ll find wonderful posts from others that will bless you. Our wonderful host, Julie at Come Have a Peace, talks about how hot its been. We know that when it gets hot, more is bare.
I urge you, dear reader, respect yourself, your husband, your friends and their husbands (and strangers)when it comes to what you wear. I don’t wanna see it and I sure don’t want my man having to fight a battle that he shouldn’t have to.  
I think I’m going to just have to be bold one day and speak my mind on this subject.

Until next time…Be abundantly blessed!