Half the Battle (a book review)

HALF THE BATTLE: Healing Your Hidden Hurts by Dr. Jon Chasteen

Half the Battle Title

Pain isn’t desirable, but we know that it is a part of life.
Personally, it’s how I choose to trust and put faith in God that determines my thoughts and attitude toward the pain.

While the outcome isn’t always something that I can control, I know that God has my heart, and He tends and mends it greater than I could’ve done for myself.

I wrestled with wanting to read and do a review of this book. That battle right there was THE indicator that I may need this book more than I knew.

Half the Battle Chapter 4

With chapter titles like:

  • The Stench Behind the Stone
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • The Final Resting Place of Pain

I knew that I’d have to roll up my sleeves and get some inner work done.

Half the Battle Chapter 3 (3)

Dr. Jon Chasteen introduces us to how God wants covenant with His people, and how that comes about with a circumcised heart (Jeremiah 4:3-4 & Romans 2:28-29).
Circumcision is about exposure and cutting away.
When we allow hearts to be vulnerable before God, He does His greatest work of acceptance, restoration, and revelation in us.
Think also on John 15.
“You can either be cut back or cut off. Either way, you get cut.” – Dr. Jon Chasteen

Moving on to actually facing the stench behind the stone; we know…those things that we’ve locked so far into our hearts that once the stone is removed. Yeah that’s going to stink. But we know that it can’t stay there if we’re going to have a whole and healed heart.
Dr. Chasteen dives deeper into the Luke passage when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

I was good and ready for the next few chapters as he addressed to topic of rejection; it’s possible roots, digging into how/why we respond to it, and rejecting rejection.

Just because somebody rejects you does not mean you have to receive the rejection.


Dr. Chasteen asks one of the best questions that could be asked:
What does the process of laying down rejection look like day to day?

…..and this is where taking ground begins!
We  can’t stay and fight in the trenches. It’s battleground time.


Dr. Jon Chasteen moves through God’s word in helping us to see how He was with His people and how we can get greater insight for our daily living.

I really enjoyed for personal reflection while reading is the study guide at the end of the book.
There is a leader’s guide included should you decide to come alongside others in this battle.

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*the book was provided as a promotional giveaway by the publisher, Gateway Publishing, as part of the review agreement.

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