Goals. Do I Need More?

clip_image002I’ve thought about making goals. Setting goals.

I thought that I wanted to.

Hadn’t I JUST set goals last week? 

Self-discipline. Serving. Being. Educating. Retail Sales. Getting home in order. Organizing. Time Management. Fitness. Weight Loss. Making Friends. Being a Friend. Giving. Blessing. Encouraging. Writing. Singing. Speaking? Not sure that I’m ready for that yet.

I don’t want to torture myself with a year-long goal.

It seems that I just wrote about taking the next step. Doing the next thing.

I like reading everyone’s Word of the year. Verse of the year. Theme of the year.

So many are stepping away from the word “Resolution”. Its almost becoming as ugly a word as “Submission”.
Side note: I’m all about submission.

God shows up in my life daily. Some things come easy. Some things are hard to swallow. 

I get promptings from Him. 

Things to study (John 15:1-17), to look out for (Not being covetous), to share with others about (Being a Godly wife, Thought life). 

Some times it IS a word; lingering for a while or moving swiftly. 

I do like words, like: diligence, honor, contentment (that’s what I thought was gonna be my word!), prayer, worship, etc. 

Those things ARE incorporated into my daily life.

My friend, Holly, summed it up best for me when she posted on Twitter (yep, I’m there now),

“Not looking for a word or verse this year…asking God to apply the whole of His Word to me. I need all of it– all of Him”

Isn’t that what He does best?! 

This IS what I want to live out everyday: Philippians 2:3-4, John 15:1-17, Romans 12:1-2, Hebrews 5:14. All of these speak of becoming mature in faith.

I AM NOT downing anyone that chooses a Word of the year. I may come back to that when 2012 rolls around. 

God may blast me in the middle of my forehead and sternly direct me in that direction. I don’t know.

As of yet, I haven’t joined anything like reading the Bible through for the new year or any challenges.
I’m not opposed. Just haven’t. 

I am, however, praying that I can connect in a Bible Study either online or form a local group of women that want to dig deeper and be face-to-face.

Living with Sword and Coffee,