Gap in Motherhood

Gap in Motherhood 
I have 6 children. 3 girls. 3 boys.

The break down: girl,girl,boy,boy,girl,boy.

You see that little girl sandwiched in with her brothers?

There is a gap in my mothering her.

When our first two daughters arrived, I was wide-eyed.

Winter 2011-2012 017 PWIE
Being a new mom to girls was fascinating! Exciting!

They are 14 months apart, so I got to stay in practice.

Think about the frilly clothes, matching ribbons, and shiny shoes
I’m a girl Mom and I love it!

I devoured parenting books that led me from birth to age 5.

The older two are now 17 and 18.

I grew up with them. All of their firsts; I’m there!

The boys? Oh…they’re pretty easy. They’re boys and their daddy handles all that rather nicely.

We teach them manners, how to be respectful, hard workers, not to burp at the table (Okay..that one is out the window), to run through the woods and do “boy things”.

Then. There is our youngest daughter. Almost 11 years old and I’ve sped by some of her firsts!
I’ve sadly sometimes had the “been there, done that” attitude that I detest.

She didn’t get as many ribbons as her sisters did. Her clothes are more practical than frill. Her shoes are the kind that she needs; not necessarily the ones that make her feel pretty.

There is a gap in my mothering her.

 100_0283 PWIE Summer 2012 035

I draw a line in the sand today!

I look at her with different eyes. I’m a little girl Mom!

Boingy curls that deserve any color ribbon that’s available. They really do “boing”!! I LOVE her hair!

Beautiful blue eyes that dance with excitement as she tells me about the latest play that she wrote.

I think that I will get her those sparkly red shoes from Target that she’s been wanting for years! Are they still in style? Do they even have them in her size now?!

I’ll paint her fingernails like I used to do for her older sisters.

We’ll play in the makeup together.

Its not too late!

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