Flight Plans



Blessings upon blessings.

How many have I been missing out on because I wasn’t being led by the Holy Spirit?

As my husband and I discussed this,  the conversation turned toward an airplane analogy.

If you miss your plane, you can almost always catch the next flight.

Your original flight may have already had a special itinerary attached to it.
It could have been a direct flight and you would have reached your destination on time; maybe even with time enough to relax.


If you’re left with the need to catch the next flight, you may have a couple of layovers for connecting flights; putting you behind,
irritated, frustrated and discontent.

What if it’s that way with our blessings?

God has already set aside that specific thing and way for us.
But instead of hoping on that plane, we look for something or someone else to fill that need.

Now…a blessing is still available, but there are now delays and layovers.
Frustration ensues because we think that its taking God too long to answer that prayer request for a blessing or breakthrough.
We worry because we needed things done yesterday.
Worry then leads to trying to work things out ourselves; making the need the object of all our attention.

Don’t get mad at Him. He’s laid out the plan.

More times than not, we miss our blessings because we miss Him.

Take the time. Slow down the pace of the racing mind.
Give God room AND TIME to do what He does best.

God is always “on the ready”.

Every decision should fall under the Holy Spirit’s leading.
It may mean the difference of boarding that first plane and heading straight for my destiny,
or having to catch the next flight!

Living to Worship Him,