Feeling Free to Share What Our Family Went Through

In another post “Falsehood and Accusations” I mentioned that our family was going through some things. We stood on that verse; “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.” Psalm 34:19

My husband and I made the decision long ago to not talk about a thing until we’ve come through to the other side; when our testimony in that situation is complete.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

There is a family in our neighborhood that we became friends with. From all appearances, they were a Christian family (I use Christian here instead of Godly for a big reason). Our younger children enjoyed playing with their children. Our oldest daughters enjoyed the company of the woman of the family. She was cool and seemed to have a “good word” for them whenever they needed to talk to someone other than me.
After a while we finding discrepancies in things that the neighbor (I’ll call her “N” for neighbor) would say and do. She would weave beautifully deceptive stories about any and everything. We were all getting to where we couldn’t trust anything she said anymore.

The day came when N wanted to take photos of my oldest daughter and her new boyfriend. In a text message to my daughter she wrote, “Do you want me to do kissy photos of you two?”. That was it for me! None of my children were going back to her house. We are not raising daughters to give themselves away like that…even in kisses. At that point my daughter and her boyfriend had been seeing each other for only a couple of weeks.

The next evening N sent me a message via FB, blasting me for not letting my children come to her house anymore. She then lit into me with crazy accusations but putting them off onto my oldest daughters as if they said things about me. Her accusations went something like this: “Your daughters say you’re lazy, sleep all day, never do house work, never cook, always make them babysit, never teach them anything. You leave them at home by themselves all the time. You don’t know it, but I had your oldest daughter call DSS because she wants to go back to public school. If I wasn’t such a good christian, I’d call DSS on you myself!”

That message got me so bent! I immediately got mad at satan for attacking my family. Then I questioned my oldest daughter about the situation. She admitted that she did call but didn’t get an answer. I let her know that I love her with my whole being and that she was also being very, very selfish in her actions. She was so remorseful for ever talking to N about our family. My daughter then became furious because N lied about everything that she said our daughters said. According to my daughter, the NEVER said such things about me or our family.
I didn’t blame my daughter because she was being influenced and coaxed by someone that she at one time respected. Now she sees that N was being used by satan.

The very next day we got a surprise visit from DSS. In reality, it wasn’t a surprise. I knew that the Holy Spirit had prepared my heart for that moment. Our family was already prayed up and standing on God’s promises of deliverance. We were at peace.

I wish that I had a copy of the laundry list of complaints that N made to the social worker. To the best of my remembrance, she accused us of everything above and for being too strict in our religion and in believing that the husband is supposed to be the head of the home. There were some other bogus things that were on the list, but it is far from my remembrance now.

The visit was pleasant. Well, as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances. The social worker said that she really didn’t know why the complaint was taken in the first place. We have every right to believe what we want to believe and to homeschool our children if we so choose. Unfortunately she wasn’t our actual case worker because I believe at that moment the case would have been closed.

We got a follow up visit from our assigned case worker on Wednesday (Aug. 26). She asked me just a few questions, looked over my current lesson plans for the children, and asked for a copy of my Homeschool Association letter to make sure we were legally homeschooling.
She then interviewed each of the children individually. I heard every question she asked them and I was more than satisfied with all of their answers.
She called me back into my office and complimented my children on how intelligent they are (couldn’t resist putting that in. LOL). She then informed me that she had everything that she needed, that she considers the case closed and that they’ll never bother us about this again!

We were rejoicing all day!! I felt such a sigh of relief; our whole family did. God delivered us just like we knew He would. He is so good to us. I’m convinced that believing God promises in His Word, our prayers and the prayers of friends and family were the key to our victory.

Promises that we stood on:
Psalm 23:1-6
Psalm 34:19
Psalm 91:1-16
Isaiah 54:17