Equilibrium: What’s a Mom to Do?

I was challenged by a friend to write about balancing Spiritual time, holding it down as a wife, household duties, and being a mother.

I’ll tackle these one by one. I’ve already written about Daily Dwelling with God, Wifey for Lifey and Wishful Thinking

Today is the last installment of my mini-series.


Being Mom:
Is there really a good place to start in talking about balancing this act? I can relate to so many mothers on so many levels.

I have the privilege to sit at the feet of many mothers that have “been there, done that” and are now empty nesters. The most common theme that I’ve heard is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

We, as mothers, are responsible for other lives and we don’t want to royally foul them up, do we!

Children are truly a gift, a gift to be treasured and nurtured. We’re also to launch them when the time comes. What will that look like in each of your children?

Each child is unique and no two can always be treated the same. Believe me, with 6 different personalities and temperaments running around here, I know full well!

It’s a delicate balance and can be exhausting. I forget all of the time which of my kids doesn’t like ketchup, which shirt belongs to which son, and asking, “what size shoe do you wear, again?”. While those are light remembrances, their are weightier things at times.

In dealing with young hearts, neither of my oldest daughters are the same in how they deal with situations. Where I have to tiptoe with one, I can be blunt and open with the other.

It takes time to develop an “eye” for our children’s preferences.

Mom, you don’t have to do this mommy thing alone. I’d rather you not even try!


I have the honor of writing with a group of mentoring Moms at The MOM Initiative. There is a plethora of resources and wonderful advice on many different levels there.

I’ve also read a book by Zan Tyler, *7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential that I highly recommend! It’s geared largely toward the home educating family, but don’t let that stop you from reading it! You and your child can greatly benefit from it!

This wraps up the series! In tying it all together,
we as wives and moms should remember that:
  • Margin in time management is key. Try not to cram everything under the sun into your planner. You need “down time” and wiggle room for unexpected things.
  • Don’t strive for perfection. You’ll make others around you miserable and grow to resent you.
  • Enjoy your time with God, your husband, your children and in your home.
  • Stress less. I’d much rather say Don’t stress, but those words may not be heeded. Did you know that stressing leads to major health issues? Don’t let stress take you out!

Living With Sword and Coffee,
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