Do Words Escape You?

… and how do you get them back? That title could have a couple of meanings.

1) You said something you shouldn’t have or 2) You can’t find the right words to say.

I’m leaning more toward #2

Too often over the past year, if my husband or one of my children ask me a question, I would know full well in my head exactly what I want to say, but my mind refuses to communicate with my mouth. It’s a SIMPLE ANSWER! What’s up with that?!

For instance:
Briahna: Momma, have you seen the Ibuprofen?
Me: Ummmm. It’s in the (what’s that called?). In the (I know the name of it!).

Poor thing! By this time she’s moved on and found the Ibuprofen…In the cabinet! THAT’s what its called!

I know; this is a completely random post, but at the same time answers are desired. Any thoughts?

Lack of sleep? I think I get enough.

I’m almost hesitant to say what I think is contributing to my lack of sharpness of mind – vitamin deficiency.
THERE… I said it!
Why did I have a hard time with that? My husband has been strongly urging me for many, many, many years to take my vitamins.

Ooohhh…I think I have another idea! My kids are partly the blame, uh cause. Besides, I’ve heard it from my friends, “the more kids you have the more of your brain cells diminish.”

This is all in fun. My brain cells are not diminishing and I should watch what I say. I do, however, need to take my health; my whole self more seriously.

Who’s in that boat with me?