Devotional Writer

What a wonderful day of blessings! Everyday God has something good for me. Today is another one of those “Thank You Lord more and more” kinda days.

Our family belonged to one of the most wonderful body of Christ followers about 8 years ago. We still consider that church home. Olive Baptist Church has been a springboard for my spiritual maturity and growth. Pastor Ted Traylor is a great man of God that speaks the truth no matter what.

I still keep in touch with many women that are very dear friends to me that attend Olive.
I heard several months ago that the Women’s ministry was going to start posting daily devotionals on Olive’s website. I got very excited for them and longed to work side by side with them as they put it all together.

They launched the online devotional today. It was fantastic!


As I mentioned how great the devotional was to my long time friend and one of the creators of the devo, she, Brandy, invited me to participate as a devotional writer. REALLY??!!!

Anyone that has read my post, I Am a Writer, know that I’ve been seeking God about opportunities to share Him with other women through the words that He gives me.

A door has now been opened. I’m stepping up and I can’t wait to see how God uses me.