Dave Raymond’s American History {A Review}

American History DVDs

Dave Raymond’s American History

Our heritage as a nation and what truly happened in the past is becoming skewed, deleted.
Each school year I set out to find the American History curriculum that will “fit the bill” for our family. I’ve come across some great ones!

I was introduced to Dave Raymond’s American History from Compass Classroom several months ago.

There are a couple things that caught my attention.
The first being the DVD lessons.
The second, a printable student reader and teacher guide.

Dave Raymond gives students (and educators) a new way of appreciating American History by pointing out how we can see God’s hand through all of history.
God is the Creator of all things and without Him nothing would be created.
I like how Dave goes back to the beginning of time in his first lesson and explain how we need to understand the study of Humanities.

Dave shares about our rich ancient and Biblical history background and doesn’t just jump in to American History.
Dave holds to what we value in our home’s study of history; “putting back” what has been taken out of modern texts. We learn the whole truth of people and events.

American History

In the American History course, Dave requires the students to take notes on the video sessions. Taking extensive notes in our homeschool is actually new for us.

Thankfully, Dave provides an abundance of text on the screen as he teaches and makes note-worthy points in his presentation. He periodically reminds the student that they should be writing certain things down.
It’s difficult to miss a time that the student should be writing in his/her notebook.

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There is the portfolio components that, even though we watched the lesson describing and instruction for, my son didn’t dive into.
If your student is a visual learner, the portfolio portion will be great.

The Facts:

  • DVD or Download or Portal Format
  • One Semester
  • 13 Lessons
  • 2 Projects
  • 5  DVD Lectures per Lesson
  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Reader
  • Weekly Exams

A few of the lessons include:

The Banner of the Sun: Meso-America
Brave New World: The Early Explorers
The Colossus of Empire: The Colonies
Stability and Change: The Reformational Colonies
A City Upon a Hill: The Puritans
A Foreign War at Home: Wars of Control
Grace, the Founder of Liberty: The Great Awakening
Liberty or Death: The Declaration of Independence
A More Perfect Union: The Constitution

Please feel free to try a Dave Raymond’s American History lesson with this Sample Lesson.

Dave Raymond’s American History Part 1 is available for purchase in the 3 formats mentioned earlier.
Part 1 and Part 2 together count as 1 High School History Credit.
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I give Dave Raymond’s American History a 5 out of 5 Coffee Cup Rating
for its thoroughness of content, format and enjoyment level.

5 coffee cup review
Living With Sword and Coffee,

*I received the Download format of Dave Raymond’s American History courtesy of Compass Classroom, for the purpose of reviewing it, for free. All words and opinions are mine.
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