Curriculum Find 2012-2013: We’re Using Heritage History


Classic Literature, Living Books. We’ve heard the classification of books.

Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Thomas Jefferson/Leadership Education are the home education methods that these books are widely used with.

Heritage History puts the Classics in my hands without the fortune and time spent acquiring so many books every year. 

Our family knows the importance of being informed of our history, but there is a stirring to know more that we can no longer ignore. Being Christ-followers we’ve seen some things going on in our beloved United States of America that don’t jive well with the Word of God. My husband and I want to equip and inform our children of what our nation was founded on.

We’ve decided on a few curriculum and supplements to help in that process. Wall Builders is the first place that we headed to start building our American history knowledge.

My original thinking was to only incorporate Notebooking with DVDs and literature that we are going to purchase.

When introduced to Heritage History, I knew that it was the right addition to our history studies.

I chose the Early American History CD. With 82 books to read, I know that our time will be well invested.

I’m excited about books like; Story of the Great Republic, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, On the Trail of Grant and Lee, Boy’s Book of Frontier Fighters, Blackfeet Indian Stories, Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coast, Four Great Americans, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Boys’ Life of Edison, and so many more!

Heritage History is more than just an electronic download/CD collection of books. There are maps, teacher guides, study guides, historical images for notebooking and lapbooks for most volumes.

Do you have your history curriculum picked out already but are still looking to supplement with great books, classic literature? I’m sure that Heritage History has what you’re looking for in your time period of study.

I’d like to sweeten your search a bit. I’m offering you a discount!
Get Spanish Empire library for free ($19.99) with the purchase of any curriculum (5 choices: Young Readers, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire; each $24.99).  This offer is valid through Oct. 31.

Directions:  Put both items in the cart and apply the discount code (you must use the code KELAcamp) which will deduct the $19.99 cost of the library.

Living With Sword and Coffee,