Closing of a Friendship

As some events have come to light, our family has had to sever ties with another family. A family that we were beginning to become close to; that we were starting to have a positive influence on.
My desire is never to dishonor anyone through word or deed. So, bashing will not be found here. There is no need for it. We are called to walk in the love of Christ.

One thing that I will share is that in the recent weeks, we have noticed a shift in their way of thinking. Thinking that we don’t want our children around.
I just mentioned to my husband this morning that we need to be set-apart from them. God worked in that decision of obedience as early as this evening.

Why do I write this? Just as closure to a sub-chapter in my life; knowing that it’s situations like this that make me cling more to all the goodness that God has for my family and myself.

Does this hurt? Yes, some. Does it steal my joy? Absolutely not!!

I have so many wonderful friendships that are uplifting and fulfilling. Thank You, God for such friendships!