Christmas Party Fridays: Music and Movies

The day after Halloween I’m looking forward to the Christmas music. I’m glad to share Christmas music and movie favorites!
My first thoughts of Christmas music is Motown. Our radio dial was set to the station that played Donny Hathaway (This Christmas), The Temptations (Silent Night), Jackson 5 (Give Love on Christmas Day), The Emotions (What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas).
Today, those are still my favorites. I’ve also added Boyz II Men (Christmas Interpretations CD), Christina Aguillara, Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr., Kenny Loggins (Celebrate Me Home) and bunches of 80’s Christmas music to the mix.
That looks like a very secular list doesn’t it.
I have not taken the sacred out of Christmas. I know EXACTLY why we celebrate the season.
I’m an eclectic girl when it comes to my music…but only to an extent. I do draw the line.
We truly enjoy the Christmas sounds of Michael English (Mary, Did You Know), Wayne Watson, Steve Green, Selah, Avalon, David Phelps, Crystal Lewis, 4Him and many, many more.
My all time favorite Christmas song is Natalie Grant’s One Child. I L-O-V-E singing this in church.
Take a listen. You’ll be blessed:

As far as movies go, our family wasn’t really big on Christmas movies. We’d watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolf, and Santa Clause is Coming To Town.
Now that I have a family of my own, not much has changed. I do, however, like the old Christmas musicals (you know, the classics that come on TMC). I look for musicals all the time. I’m a music girl! Even my movies have to involve great music. I hear the music over any dialog. That’s a tangent that I’m getting off of now…

PhotobucketThank you Critty Joy for hosting Christmas Party Friday’s! It’s bringing such great memories.

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