Caffeinated Randomness: Valentine’s Day Style

clip_image002Yep. It’s coming!
Monday is the big RED DAY better known as Valentine’s Day. Red and pink. Pink and red. All love is celebrated.

As far as I know there aren’t any plans made here in the Nellums home, however, my husband has been known to just whisk me away on that very special night. So, secretly, I’m expecting something! shhhhh.

I don’t plan anything extravagant for Valentine’s Day. It may as well be V-day here just about everyday. I just love my husband THAT MUCH!

No extra-special treatments because he’s treated very well every day.

So…what will I do for him? A card? Tootsie Rolls? (it’s his favorite candy) More slippers?

I was thinking another MP3 player. Really. I could already have it all set up for him with our songs on it.

Now, on to the original thought that I had planned for this Special Edition post…

I’d like to re-introduce you to a couple of posts that I think you should take the time to read; being that we always want to be better lovers of our husbands…right?!

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You may notice, ladies, that these posts deal with YOU, as a wife.

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