Caffeinated Randomness: This, That, and the Other


I‘ve had a “bullet point” kind of week. Total randomness. Let’s see:
  • I’m coming to realize that I’m Font crazy. You may have noticed in my posts. I’m trying to make sure that it’s not too outrageous to make it difficult to read.
  • I’m considering going back to Blogger’s default comment box. I like Echo and all, but I don’t like not being able to click on my friend’s names to take me to their blogs. Before I do that though, I need to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I don’t lose any of the comments that are already there. That would be devastating.
  • My BFF is going away on a retreat this weekend; just her and a good friend. I must say that I yearn for that myself. It’ll come…. *sigh*.
  • I found an Online Apologia Biology course for my oldest daughter this week…ITS FREE!!!!! I have the textbook on order. It was truly an answered prayer! Most of these online courses are about $150 +/- and that doesn’t include textbooks and test material. God is so good!!!
  • I wanna learn how to effectively clip and USE coupons. Who wants to be my teacher?…

This post is brought to you because of Under Grace and Over Coffee