Caffeinated Randomness: In the Quietness I Get to Think and Give Thanks


It’s quiet around here. 
No one is home! 
That’s the way its been all week. 

I dare not say that I’m bored because I have plenty to do. 

I’m choosing the more important thing…sitting at my Master’s feet.

A few snippets of what’s going:

  • I’ve been blessed to be invited (along with other fabulous women) to be involved in a great ministry that’s being developed! The virtual doors will be opening September 1 at A Martha Heart!
  • I’ve created another blog (Kela’s Review Room) that is just for my book reviews.
  • There is a book that has been out for a little while that I started reading a few months ago. Looks like its catching on with my blogging friends.

One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer is a book that blows the lid off of boxes that Christians oft times put on God. I have plenty to say about what I’m finding here and what I’ve already known to be true about walking out God’s plan by faith. This is where the “Christian ‘nice-girl’” gloves come off. Priscilla challenges “sacred-cows” (as I like to put it) and so do I. If you don’t know how to take what I’ve just said, just know that I’m on her side.

  • My oldest daughter got to hang with friends all week long. She has become “family” with the teen cast of the production team (NarroWay Productions) that she’s been a part of for a year now. They have been working tirelessly on getting things crisp and ready for opening night TONIGHT! 

The reason that I mention this is that she has finally met like-minded teens that live out their faith and strive to do what’s right because it’s right…and they know how to have loads of fun while doing the right thing!

How is your cup of randomness today? Scoot on over to Under Grace and Over Coffee where our gracious hostess will warmly greet you!

Until next time…Be Abundantly Blessed!