Caffeinated Randomness: I Almost Had Nothing to Say

I almost had nothing to say this morning for Caffeinated Randomness. I’ve felt all “posted” out this week.

BUT, my friend Jennifer blessed me this morning and I couldn’t just let it sit there on the table and not thank her and acknowledge it, could I ?!! 
Thank you Jennifer for the Hard Working Mommy Blogger Award! I’ll pass it along in a later post. 
I strive to be a hard working (productive) mom, but I fall short a lot. God is my strength and guide. When I stumble, I get back up.
We have some random things going on:
  • Our second oldest goes on a mission trip for a week next week.
  • Our Sunday School class is growing stronger in relationships/fellowship and in our faith.
  • God’s blessings are abundant. We find favor with our Father!!
  • I want to get more reading done. I think I need to set some goals…and stick with them!
  • The children (well, all but our oldest) will be going to Florida for a couple of weeks shortly.
  • God is working in our family to restore relationships and helping us get a grip on some issues.
That wraps it up for me. 
Find more randomness @ Under Grace and Over Coffee.

ADD ON!!!!!! It wasn’t until AFTER I published this post that I was blessed with another award! Bobbi, you are the greatest to gift me with the A Blog with Substance Award.
I’m almost overwhelmed. Thank you Jennifer and Bobbi for thinking of me today!

Until next time…Be Abundantly Blessed!

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Write the Word Bible Journals