Caffeinated Randomness: Dream Huge!

Today is a very condensed version (Like Campbells Soup).

BD14831_ Brian and I are heading out to a business conference. They call it Dream Big, but everyone in our local team calls is Dream Huge!

Share your dreams with me.

What am I dreaming of ? Glad you asked!

Overflow so that I can be a financial bigger blessing to those I come in contact with. You can’t give what you don’t have, right?!

BD14831_ I started a new Bible Study of Philippians on Monday. I joined Stephanie Shott in this. I very much needed this! 

Her first challenge was to read through the book of Philippians daily. Its not a hard read and I’m actually noticing things there that I hadn’t before, and gaining greater clarity on things that I already knew.

Told ya this was condensed. I gotta be on top of my chores. My in-laws are here…

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Living With Sword and Coffee,

Write the Word Bible Journals
Write the Word Bible Journals