Caffeinated Randomness: Balancing The Book



  • My heartsank this morning. Unfortunately that has happened too many times before. As I opened my bank’s website and logged in I saw that dreaded “minus” sign! WHAT??!! How could that happen?! I had more than enough… or so I thought.

Lord! Help me to be more mindful of what You’ve entrusted to me and to not fail my family in the managing of our money. In Jesus’ Name!

  • Notice anything different on my page today? I put in a cool “link love” kinda feature. Look over to the right. Yeah, right there. The code was ULTRA simple!

  • It’s a weekend filled with my two oldest daughters being here, there and everywhere. I do like those times though. They’re usually happiest when with friends; which makes me happy (I get some peace!)

  • We’re getting more and more homeschool curriculum in these days. I say “YaY!”. The kids say “Oh boy”.


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Until next time…
Be abundantly blessed!

Write the Word Bible Journals
Write the Word Bible Journals