Caffeinated Randomness: A “Just to say HELLO” Post With a Little Randomness

Hello friends!! 
It seemed that my friend, Andrea @ Under Grace and Over Coffee, wasn’t going to do a Caffeinated Randomness link up today, but, as it turned out (after a little while), she did. 
I am being SO random today. I thought I was gonna have to go it on my own. She saved the day. 🙂
Random thought #1:
Looks like its been a minute since I’ve had a really serious “thinker” type post.
Today is not that day either.
Random thought #2:
You have arrived at Pursuing What is Excellent in its new template state. I’ve expressed to a couple of friends that I like the “open” feel to my blog.
I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic with my old design. I think I’ll keep my button for a while though…but even that can soon change. Don’t know yet.
Random thought #3:
Have any of you bloggers ever gone back a read one of YOUR OWN posts from say, a year or so ago and was so vague that you don’t even know for sure what you were talking about? I talked about a struggle that I had and I don’t even remember the details now. That’s okay. It may not benefit me to remember anyway.
Random thought #4:
I will be less 5 children for almost three weeks soon. They are journeying back to our homeland (the Gulf Coast of FL). Our 16 year old will still be at home because of theater obligations. Its going to be good to spend that time with her during the day.
Random thought #5:
God has blessed me with a ministry opportunity. That is something that I’m going to keep under wraps for now. More to come as I’m able to release more information.
A Not-So-Random thought #6:
I have some specific prayer needs/requests. Wanna pray and BELIEVE with me? :
  • Clarity on which History curriculum to purchase for the Fall.
  • Funds to cover ALL curriculum and school supply costs.
  • Property and Log Cabin plans that fit our family.
  • A third and/or fourth employee for my husband.
Not much, but I still take it to the throne because its needed.
Random thought #7:
I’m not too fond of the “linky” things at the bottom of my posts. They seem to come standard with this new template. I’ve tried to remove them, but I think that these codes are deeply embedded into the template. Can a sista get some help removing them? Figured I’d ask.
Until next time…Be abundantly blessed!