I’ve never experienced a tire blowout, but I was well on my way to.

It was my first time driving solo from SC back to FL to attend a cousin’s wedding.
My route was from SC to Jacksonville, FL, then to Pensacola.

The plan, once reaching P’cola (which we affectionately call Pensacola), was to get my tires checked.
What was discovered was a tire barely woven together by wires.
A mile or two further up the road, and it would have been a different story that I’d be typing!

The mechanic was amazed that we made it safely, all the while I had no clue that the tire was in such dire need of replacement. He said, “Somebody was looking out for you!”
My response was the knowing that, “yes! My God always does!”
I was at peace the whole travel time, but a potential catastrophe was moments away.
God was our protector and our keeper.

That’s the way God is with us.
Trouble may be lurking. We may even see it coming; but I firmly believe that God hedges us in so that it doesn’t destroy us.
We have to believe, without wavering that He is for us always.

Every time my family walk out of the door, I pray for protection.
My favorite Scripture for protection is Psalm 91!

What are some of yours?
I’d love to continue this conversation in my Facebook Page or Community!
Tell me of a time that God has protected you!


Living to Worship Him,