Big Book of Earth and Sky {A Review}

Big Book of Earth and Sky
from Master Books

A 15 Foot chart showing the Inner Core to Outer Atmosphere is facts goodness!

When I think, “book”, I’m thinking paper or hard bound and flipping page by page. Big Book of Earth and Sky isn’t that kind of book; its a sturdy fold-out that can be viewed panel-by-panel, hung, or however you choose.

Designed to encourage and engage children’s curiosity about things like:

  • ozone layer
  • clouds
  • mountains
  • water cycle
  • weather 
  • caves
  • fossils
  • oceans

Big Book of Earth and Sky fits the bill.

Its bite size facts, panels of full-color “live” photos and illustrations, and easy to locate information held my children’s attention and had them slowing down to read it.

“It has been developed as both an educational resource and as a way to make learning fun.”
-Big Book of Earth and Sky inside cover

Big Book of Earth and Sky is recommended for ages 7-12. I have 2 children that still fit in that range, but my 13 and 15 year olds appreciate the information as well. My younger 2 understand the text and its still intriguing enough for my older ones to learn something cool.

The most important aspect of this resource for me when studying ANY science material, is that its written with a Christian worldview.

Learn more about the Big Book of Earth and Sky and purchase through New Leaf Publishing Group. There are more resources for Big Book of Earth and Sky on the webpage.

Living With Sword and Coffee,

*I received a copy of Big Book of Earth and Sky for free in exchange of a review. All words and view are my own.