Being Momma to Young Ladies

It’s no secret that I love my children! I love them enough to discipline, disciple, mentor and get in their face when necessary (which isn’t often).
God’s blessed hand is on our family. We let Him take the lead, and we’re seeing the fruit that started from the root. God; our foundation.

Several years ago as our oldest daughters began maturing, my husband told me, “I don’t know anything about raising a girl, because I ain’t one.” I knew exactly what he meant…who else can teach a girl to become a woman better than her own momma?

I saw this as a continuation of what I was already doing with them. Has it always gone right? NO! Have we learned from it and grown? YEP! Have you read the title of my blog lately?! Key word: Pursuing!

My friend, Stef, co-founder of The Homeschool Village asked me to begin writing about character training and our high school daughters. I was glad that she didn’t ask me to write about academics! She knew…
This prompted me to think more about the current “events” going on in our home.

What I want to start sharing here, at my place, are more specifics (without invading anyone’s privacy) of how we’re doing life in the Nellums’ home.
Stick around because another post is coming quickly. I’m ready to jump in to a beautiful story that will unfold before your eyes…

Living With Sword and Coffee,