Being Disconnected…What I’ve Learned and Discovered

image I had an online sabbatical for a couple of weeks (or a little more).

This was not of my choosing or (not necessarily) God’s leading. It was a something else.

From the first day of being offline I started a running list of things I figured I’d learned while being off. 

I had an inkling that this lesson would make its way to my blog.

My goodness…what did I do before internet to communicate with people!?
First thing I learned is that I survived even though it got REALLY tough toward the end!

What I expected (this is the list):

  • I’m not as “important” online as I think I am. I know that I’m loved, but did anyone REALLY miss me? A few noticed. Most didn’t. Truthfully, I’m okay with that. How many people did I not notice while they were offline? Life goes on and the world doesn’t revolve around me. Praise God, cause others would be bored out of their minds!!!

  • My homemaking skills will be better.  Nothing really changed.

  • I’ll be bored. Nothing really changed.

  • I’ll have to get up earlier to watch the teaching (Word being preached) on television who I usually watch online.  I pulled out the teachings that I already have on CDs.

  • I’ll learn more about my family.  I’ve laughed more and enjoyed them more!

  • My quiet time will have a lot less distractions. Even though I couldn’t get online, my children got up a little earlier OR I didn’t wake up any earlier.

  • I’ll read more; actual books and not the screen.   It seems other things filled in that time.

This has been a “chill” time and a contemplative time. A time to dream and plan with my husband and children. 

We’re usually serious in thinking about Christmas shopping for our families by this time of year. We haven’t really broached that subject yet. We decided to slow down for a minute.

Brian and I have weightier decisions to make (for the betterment of our family’s growth and maturity in our faith) and need to clear the clutter first.

We’re seeking and waiting on God’s direction in all things. He will clearly reveal to us when the time is right.

We’ve held on long enough to the familiar. It’s time to step out into greater truth of God’s Word and fellowship with believers that aren’t afraid to flex and develop their faith muscles. We yearn for that deeper connection! 

I’ll close by saying that I’m more than glad to be back online!!!

Oh…if I ever happen to be offline for an extended amount of time (or even a few days) feel free to drop me a line and check up on your girl. I can check my email on my phone. It’s not hard to find me…

Until next time…be abundantly blessed!